The Reportable Conditions Knowledge Management System (RCKMS) is a real-time portal to enhance disease surveillance by providing comprehensive information on public health reporting criteria. The tool informs public health reporters about the “who, what, when, where, and how” of reporting.

RCKMS is developed by CSTE in partnership with the CDC and HLN Consulting, LLC.

The Need for RCKMS

Accurate, timely and complete reporting of reportable conditions depends on reporters having correct and current information about reporting specifications. Currently, there is no single place where reporting specifications can be accessed by healthcare reporters. Reporting criteria differ across state and local jurisdictions, and the information is often difficult for users to locate and navigate. Additionally, the information is usually not in a format suitable for machine-processing.


Objectives and Benefits

RCKMS provides a centralized authoritative portal for U.S. jurisdictions to author and validate reporting specifications relevant for their own jurisdiction (i.e., state or city). The RCKMS tool can decrease the time and effort needed by reporters to comply with reporting requirements by providing a single authoritative source to access public health reporting requirements. It also provides access to a centralized public health decision support shared service that returns a Reportability Response of whether a case is reportable and to which jurisdiction.

The objectives are to

  • Strengthen disease surveillance in the United States
  • Improve the timeliness and efficiency of public health reporting

RCKMS aligns with national initiatives supporting interoperability and implementation of electronic case reporting (eCR).

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