About the Modules


Reporting Specifications Module

The Reporting Specifications Module allows Jurisdictions to author and validate their reporting specifications for reportable conditions. Jurisdictions can choose to adopt the default reporting specifications included with the tool or tailor the reporting specifications to meet their own jurisdiction's requirements.

In the reporting specifications for a condition, jurisdictions select the relevant criteria for each reporter type that must be met in order for a condition to be considered reportable. Jursidictions can also select a combination of criteria and define the rules of sufficient, necessary or optional to define how multiple criteria interact.


Managing Test Cases

Each condition's reporting specifications includes a suite of test cases that validate the default reporting specifications. Whether jurisdictions adopt the default reporting specifications or tailor the rules to reflect their own jurisdiction-based reporting specifications, users can modify, create and run test cases to validate that expected results are returned. By validating the results, jurisdictions can continue to refine their rules and reporting specifications as needed.

The Test Case Wizard guides the user step by step to create each test case and the input for each test. After executing the test case, the results clearly describe the resulting output of the rules logic.


Reports allow users to see a summary and detailed output of the reporting specifications, value sets and criteria for each condition. Users may also see the reporting specifications of other jurisdictions.